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I wish i could play bass like this

2009-12-11 12:33:45 by Catboyjoe

fucking awesome....

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Bootsy is.

I wanna be black. lol
That's the truth however demurring it may be.
But, No! my lot is with white man! There's no changing that, and I'm proud! PROUD to be arrogant, obnoxious, and rude! Proud to be an American, poor white trash on the lawn smoking a peace pipe that I stole from my neighbors yard! Proud to die young probably from cancer or some other kind of disease, most likely to end up horribly disfigured and contorted in shapes nobody would have know the human body could articulate.
Yes my fate is grim, but I still have pride in what I am, in who I am, but when all is said and done I wish I could bass like that.
dig it. funk.



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