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my balls

2009-11-22 23:12:31 by Catboyjoe

My balls are very hairy
With them I have much fun
But Always I must be weary
For they may begin to run

Juices come a flowin
When I have my fun
But the juices are dried up
I know my fun is done

My balls get very itchy
I always like to scratch
But if I scratch too hard
I may break out in a rash

In time i know I must rest them
My balls will be well broken in
But I hope I may go before them
Should the reaper come calling them

I love my little testes
They have always served me well
although I do my best for them
We will both burn in Hell.


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2009-11-22 23:16:57

ummm, ok.


2009-11-23 00:33:26

Ich will call this "Der Ball Song!