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Entry #1

Why the caged bird sings

2009-11-14 00:55:29 by Catboyjoe

A while ago I might have tried and failed to answer that.
I must have come up with a satisfying reason or at least convinced my self that it was either impossible for me to answer or some such nonsense.

Either way, a new idea has taken precedence, but it requires some explaining.

Firstly When ever I get pissed off i think it out, and there is always some momentum left over for heavy thinking which I would otherwise not have the energy or will power to fulfill.

Secondly, I have several reserve topics in the back of my mind, some get used over and over again, with different contexts each time.
(I think that might need an example.)

Thirdly. My current topic, or the one I have been fiddling around with has been Slavery.

Fourthly, I don't know about Fourthly, but anyways. Sociology is something that just captures my imagination and plays with it. Honestly, with the right amount of time it is... Imagine that ideas are foods, Right?

Okay, ideas are foods, now, Imagine an apple represents ..say, Gravity. For pleasures sake. And a Walnut represents Economics and Small Business, And our mouths are our minds, haha, fuck wiht that you nutter. sorry. Alright.

We're going with it, our metaphorical mouths will represent our minds and let's go down on interpretation with the digestive system.


I coulda said digest. information. Digest sociological information. fuck. I was prepared ramble on about fruits and vegetables and how they're turned into poop whilst hand in hand with a l Idea being interpreted by the brain.

And i didn't even know what I was talking about. I;m insane.

Fuck the bird in the cage.
I need help.

Get me outta my head.

I'm not gonna sing just let me the fuck outta of this dungeon. Christ. It's like being in Plato's cave.
God-damn it all.

Oh yeah, I;m supposed to be a determined atheist...

Fukc that shit.
I'm taking any labels even if I take one for saying that.

fuck that.
I;m being oppressed by this sadistic society, do what i say or feel the burn of everybody's judgement


So, having cleared things up.
Why does the caged bird sing?

Cuz it's a slave.
It has reached the ultimate botttom.
And in the end, when you have nothing.

Well, Bob Dylan already said it,

When You've got Nothing, You've got nothing to lose.

So, just to tell ya something you already know in a style that you wish you never saw.
YOurs respectively, joe